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Phone Safety Advice. 8592gnCh1-8

From: drmanson6483w87
Subject: Phone Safety Advice. 8592gnCh1-8-10
Date: Thu, 13 Jun 0102 15:33:57 +0700

Do Mobile Phones Cause Cancer!

Studies have shown that electromagnetic waves that come from your cell phone 
may be correlated to Brain Cancer.  

On our website we offer a link to Nokias actual patent on a device that shields 
the human head from cell phone radiation.  Still people insist on 
rejecting claims of any health hazards from using mobile phones.

Scientists are now reporting that cell phones might emit a dangerous radiation.
Don't be the phone companys guniea pig!  Protect Yourself Today!

The are press releases on our site that will SHOCK every cell phone user!!!!

We sell a product that helps reduce harmful electromagnetic radiation from your 
head.  It is brand new, patented, easy to install, easy to use,fits every phone 
made, and very affordable.  

Visit us online at

We are currently having a Special.
Buy 3 get 1 FREE

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