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Let us prepare the Internet Fiesta 2003

From: Internet Fiesta
Subject: Let us prepare the Internet Fiesta 2003
Date: Thu, 4 Jul 2002 6:17:10 +0000

Internet Fiesta, 5th Edition 
from March 17th to 23rd 2003
Expatriation today 

HTLM version :

Since the beginning of the Internet adventure, the web has continued to be the 
favoured link between expatriated communities. Through forums, chat rooms and 
specialised web sites, communities have formed according to their cultural 
affinities. Today the world wide web is the main communication stream between 
members of these communities. The Internet allows individuals living abroad to 
stay in touch with their culture, their language and to recreate a cultural 
space in which puts a specific emphasis on their identity.

The International Fiesta Committee, still operating from Paris, France, has 
decided that the fifth edition of the Internet Fiesta will be dedicated to all 
those who live abroad and wish to keep in touch with their roots and with each 
other. The Internet Fiesta remains open naturally to all projects and proposed 

The International Fiesta Committee wishes to thank all the weavers of the 
Internet Fiesta 2002 and of former editions, for their remarkable achievements. 
The committee have studied the results of 2002 and wish to pin point certain 
weaknesses that the event presented and to suggest some directives in order to 
correct them and to make sure that the Internet Fiesta 2003 will be an even 
more successful event than in the past:

Therefore, the committee encourages all the contributors to get in contact with 
all possible expatriated web communities, every where, all around the world, 
and to inform them or to propose to them to become our partners on every 
possible project being prepared. Furthermore, it appears that the most 
efficient way to work being if you keep forwarding information throughout your 
network. To insure the success of our Fiesta, one can never be too insistent.

The committee encourages you to engage in formal relations, as soon as 
possible, with institutions and officials in your town, region or nation in 
order to obtain official supports, grants, representations or accreditations 
for you project, your local committee or the International Fiesta Committee.

The committee keenly advises you to get in contact equally with a maximum of 
local, regional or national media and to associate them to your initiatives in 
order to give to the internet Fiesta the largest possible public notoriety.

We also invite you to actively look for sponsors and partners, not only for 
your own projects but also for your local committee or for the International 
Committee. Remember that the partners gain increased visibility, adapted to 
their very needs and only good partnerships will allow the Fiesta to keep 
existing. Please intensify your effort especially in the direction of IT and 
NTIC sectors. Weavers who would have found a sponsor or a partner for their 
local committee or for the International Committee will see their project 
entitled for a commission rewarding their action.

The committee would like every one involved in the Internet Fiesta 2003 to 
contact every possible N.G.O. in order to make them participate in a way or an 
other in the Fiesta and to make them use their network for our mutual benefit.

Finely, it appears particularly important that every weavers get in contact 
with schools and universities to inform them and to encourage them to 
participate in your project or to prepare their own but also in order to 
provide the entire Fiesta network with translation resources in a maximum of 
In order to complete the Internet Fiesta 2002 report, the committee would like 
to ask every one to be kind enough to send us everything you have seen or heard 
or read about us in the media. We will gather all of it and install an on-line 
library on the new official web site of the Internet Fiesta.

Last but by no means least, we would appreciate if you could send as soon as 
possible, your suggestions and short overview of the initiative you may be 
preparing. The new official web site of the Internet Fiesta 2003 will be 
operational very soon, meanwhile we are ready to receive your mail on 

Thank you and best regards

For the International Fiesta Committee
Philippe BOLAND

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