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only-one-capital.el 1.2

From: Nicolas Rist
Subject: only-one-capital.el 1.2
Date: Fri, 29 Nov 2002 13:46:33 +0100

Hi, this my first package, thank's for comments and bugs

;; THis file defines `only-one-capital' minor mode,
;; that correct the text, when a too long pressure
;; of your finger on the 'shift' key produce
;; two capitals instead one, like in 'THis'

;; It doesn't care of you're at the beginning of a word,
;; but only if the configuration "CCc" comes
;; from three successive typing, without
;; any action or pause between them.

;; IT is possible to customize behaviour with two letters
;; upcased words, like 'IT' in this sentence (Interruptions
;; can be annoying when typing a text in capital.)
;; It's possible always to be asked, never (for change
;; or no change), to have the standard behaviour,
;; to be automatically change except if the previous word
;; is in capital (in this case, asking), to be always asked
;; except if if the previous word  is in capital
;; (in this case, just beep and advise).
;; (Meaby a capslock test would be useful, but I don't know
;; how to do it).

;; You can be asked before any changement, by customizing
;; `only-one-capital-automatic' to 'Ask'.
;; (in the minibuffer or in a popup, as you want,
;; but you see better the question in a popup).

;; The asking comes up you do another command as typing
;; (cursor move, for instance), if you add more than
;; one character, or if you stop typing longer
;; than `only-one-capital-time'.
;; Note that you can customize the list of the commands
;; `only-one-capital-insert-list' these are considered
;; as continuing typing, and the regexp filter
;; on the command `only-one-capital-insert-regexp',
;; useful for instance if you have lambda expression
;; bound to keys.

;; The same is possible if you see the mistyping
;; and begin self correcting. In this case the change
;; is canceled. The command list is
;; `only-one-capital-cancel-list' and the regexp
;; `only-one-capital-cancel-regexp'.

;; It's possible to undo the last change, or the last
;; change refusal (that means to change though).

;; you can put hooks for and after the case change.

;; You cannot set and unset the minor mode by
;; typing `only-one-capital-mode' (bound to "C-c o")
;; or `only-one-capital-mode-enable' to set it, and
;; `only-one-capital-mode-disable' to unset it.

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