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Alhocol Keychain Breath _Tester - Amazing fmzoiizfhycxob ixb c

From: Christian Vinson
Subject: Alhocol Keychain Breath _Tester - Amazing fmzoiizfhycxob ixb c
Date: Fri, 13 Jun 03 21:14:27 GMT

Mini-Keychain BREATHALYZER! A Must Have!

A Fast, Reusable, Pocket-sized Alcohol Detection Device for Use
Anywhere, Anytime Alcohol Consumption or Intoxication is a Concern.

Makes a great personal item & gift. Almost everyone can use one, even if
your a casual drinker. It even has a flashlight built in for added

These retail for $99 in stores. Our exclusive internet-offer allows us
to sell the Mini-Breathalyzer for ONLY 39.95 !!!

** Order Now and get a FREE Cable Descrambler ($70 Value)
FREE PayPerViews, Porno, Special Events & More...DONT MISS THIS AMAZING LIMITED 

If you no longer wish to receive our offers and updates
click below and we will promptly honor your request.

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