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Free sales training for Engineering and Technical Companies

From: Robert
Subject: Free sales training for Engineering and Technical Companies
Date: Sat, 29 Nov 2003 14:17:07 -0000

Is there someone in your company who could benefit from some professional sales-training?


Well, it’s yours for the asking.


Hello, I'm Robert Seviour, I run sales training seminars specific to engineering, technology and scientific companies. So that you can try it to see whether it could help your business, I’m offering free, 40-minute, live sales-training sessions by telephone.


They will be on the first Tuesday of every month at 9:30 am UK time and 5:00 pm UK time. (If your are in the US or other countries, let me know and we'll run events at times to suit you).


It’s simple to participate: all you have to do is email us a message saying you would like to try it  and we 'll send you back joining instructions .Then you phone into the conference if you want to.


There is no fee for the sales training. You have to pay for the call, of course, but that is at a normal call rate, it is not a premium rate number and I won’t send you an invoice.



The training is high quality, it’s specific to professional-level sales, I’m experienced – delivered over 500 events in the last 10 years, written 6 books on the subject. I’m doing it because we have found over time that the more people become acquainted with sales-training the more in-house training jobs I get. That’s where I earn my living.


I acknowledge that telephone training isn’t as good as face-to-face. But the logistics and expenses involved with the latter mean that most people in techie companies never receive any formal-sales training. This telephone based course is a lot better than doing nothing. And the tele-conference makes it possible to take one topic at a time, cover it thoroughly and then you have a month to apply the ideas before the next chunk of information is delivered to you.


There are:

·     no lost productive days

·     no travelling time

·     no costs

·     no information overload


Simply dial a number from your home, office - anywhere, enter a login code and join the tele-conference for live, professional sales-training, free of charge. 


The program for the next 6 months is;

·     'How to prospect for more business'

·     'How to make sales appointments'

·     ‘How to make a powerful presentation'

·     'How to ask for the order and close the sale'

·     'How to deal with difficult objections'

·     'How to acquire repeat customers and build profitable relationships'.


The first 30 minutes of the event are a review by me of the main points you need to know about each of these topics. The final period is an opportunity for you to ask questions and get answers to any sales issues which have been causing you problems.


You’ll receive the seven-page course workbook beforehand and afterwards an audio CD of the event will be available to purchase, if you choose. Over the 6 months, the key areas of sales skills will be covered and you will have a library of support material for future reference.


 Try it for free, to see if this is for you. The first session will be Tuesday, December 2.

Just reply with the subject: ‘I want to try the free tele-seminar’ and we’ll send you out joining instructions.


I promise this course will be motivating and informative.




Robert Seviour


Robert Seviour


Sales Training Specifically for Engineers


Tel:       +44 (0)1481 720 294

Fax:      +44 (0)1481 720 317

email  address@hidden 


This email is being sent only to companies in the engineering and technology sector, if it has reached you incorrectly or if sales training isn't relevant to your organisation, please reply with 'Delete' as the subject and we'll take you off our list immediately.



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