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multi-mode editing, including literate Haskell and noweb

From: Dave Love
Subject: multi-mode editing, including literate Haskell and noweb
Date: Mon, 05 Jan 2004 19:35:07 +0000
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This is an approach to the Emacs todo item concerning multiple major
modes for different parts of a buffer, which hasn't been implemented
as far as I know.  [Although TODO says `a buffer', the item was
written with indirect buffers in mind.]

This isn't well-polished, and probably needs more support from base
Emacs.  It also works better in the development version of Emacs than
in 21.2/3 -- see the commentary.

Below is the basic support, followed by two modes for literate
programming systems.  One is for the noweb tool and the other is for
Haskell's LaTeX `literate'/`inverse comment' convention.  The latter
depends on a simple Haskell mode (also below); some of the components
of the canonical one (from need modifying to work
properly with this approach.

Attachment: multi-mode.el
Description: basic multi-mode support

Attachment: noweb.el
Description: noweb mode

Attachment: haskell-latex.el
Description: literate Haskell mode (LaTeX conventions)

Attachment: haskell.el
Description: simple Haskell mode

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