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new Python mode

From: Dave Love
Subject: new Python mode
Date: Fri, 16 Jan 2004 00:34:06 +0000
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There's an existing Python mode, python-mode.el, which (I think) comes
with the Python distribution.  It has various problems running in
Emacs and isn't assigned for inclusion in Emacs.

Here's a new one which is assigned, doesn't suffer from at least the
same problems, and obeys Emacs conventions better.  It requires a post
21.3 Emacs as it takes advantage of some new features.  It has
workarounds for problems with the current development code which I
hope will be fixed at some stage, but is subject to a syntax-parsing
bug it can't work round -- see the commentary.

For Emacs 21.3, you need to use python-mode.el and might try the patch
at <URL:>.
That was made against recent (some time in December 2003) CVS source,
but is probably applicable to the latest released version.  It has
some features python.el lacks and vice versa -- see the python.el

Neither the new mode nor the patch have had very extensive testing;
caveat emptor.

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