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>>: Cc:Sav'e on Term Life In.s - Qu ötes

From: Octavio Hopkins
Subject: >>: Cc:Sav'e on Term Life In.s - Qu ötes
Date: Tue, 18 May 2004 10:38:16 -0500

'America`s new.est I.nsu`rance r.eferral network.
We offer t.erm Lif.e cov'erage at up to 7'0% off.
We s.urvey the top Lif.e In.sura.nce co.mpanies and pr.ovide the bes.t availab.le to'day.
Sm.okers may qua,lify for sp`ecial rates.

  • P.rovide a plan for the futur.e
  • P.rovide a retir.ement in.come throughout old age.
  • P.rovide continuous flow of fund.s for the living
  • All.ocate in.come fun.d's for the children's educ'ation.
  • Provide cas.h and in.come needs on and immediately following dea'th such as un'paid bill.s and t.axes and other obligat.ions.
  • Pre.vent a family's sudden'ly from its a.ccustomed standard of living after the d'eath of the breadwinner.
  • Suppl.ement' in.come when earning power is destroyed by 'illness _of_ accidents, such as covering medi'cal e.xpenses.

  • Get Your In.surance Q.uote Tod'ay

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    If you do not wish to rece'ive these of`fers in the future,
    Go He're to un-list now

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