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HIPAA Privacy Tools

From: Compliance Pro
Subject: HIPAA Privacy Tools
Date: Wed, 26 May 2004 01:59:02 -0100

Do You Need Turnkey Products to Assist You with Compliance
with HIPAA and
HIPAA Privacy Requirements for Employers?


Introducing . . 

Our ABC's of HIPAA Compliance - An Employer's Simplified Guide to HIPAA Compliance with Privacy Additions

8 Employer-friendly, simple - not legal jargon!
8 Simplified employer guide with CD Rom
8 All documents and forms created in Word for ease of use and administration!
8 Turn-key and affordable
Includes many administrative forms and required notices.  Also includes new Privacy requirements, including Business Associates Agreements, Action Plans, Notice of Privacy Practices, and much more!
8 2004 update includes Sample Policies and Procedures for privacy and HIPAA Privacy Binder content suggestions in the event of an audit!

HIPAA Privacy Training Videos for Supervisors and Managers (33 minutes) and Employees (18 minutes)
to train your employees on new HIPAA Privacy Rules
(not designed to train your privacy officer and privacy work group – use our Privacy Officer Training Seminars for this purpose)

Also, privacy posters and more!   

Email us for more information!

P.S. Annual update service available - keep up to date for years to come!


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