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From: Erin Chaney
Subject: $95432
Date: Thu, 08 Jul 2004 11:50:31 +0000

I sent you an email a few days ago because you now qualify for a new mortgage.
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Best Regards,
Lisa Thompson

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Another time ...

A 20-ton chunk of granite from the Adirondack Mountains in upstate New York 
will be placed inside the 70-foot deep foundation, launching a five-year 
construction plan for a 1,776-foot skyscraper that will become an iconic symbol 
for the New York City skyline."What better day to lay the cornerstone of the 
Freedom Tower than the day our country declared its independence," said Gov. 
George Pataki, who has named the building the Freedom Tower."Everyone 
understands that this is more than a building, more than just a site. It is a 
symbol of American freedom, and a symbol of our renewal," Pataki said.About 100 
family members of September 11 victims will be present for the cornerstone 
ceremony."It's one more step to this hole not being here. It's one more step to 
recovery," said Charles Wolf, the husband of a trade center attack victim. 
"It's not just to show that we're rebuilding, it's important to rebuild."Wolf's 
wife, Katherine, 40, began working for Marsh and McLennan, on the 97th floor of 
the north tower, just three weeks before it was struck by a 767 jetliner 
hijacked by al Qaeda terrorists."They may have gotten my wife, but they're not 
getting the rest of my life, and I think we Americans are saying they're not 
getting our life either."Some 9/11 families have criticized rebuilding 
officials for sidestepping historic preservation and the commitment not to 
rebuild on the acre-wide squares where the twin towers were anchored, known as 
their "footprints.""We are not opposed to the rebuilding moving forward. We 
just don't want it to move forward and the physical remains of the footprints 
to be destroyed in that process," said Anthony Gardner, whose brother Harvey 
was killed inside the south tower.Opinions vary widely on what standard defines 
the "tallest building in the world," whether it includes towers or antenna or 
neither in the measurement of height. Some buildings are tallest in one 
category and not under a different standard.The Freedom Tower's torqued glass 
and steel tower includes a 276-foot spire. A broadcast antenna will bring the 
total height above 2,000 feet.


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