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Speed reading assistant

From: ChipsChap
Subject: Speed reading assistant
Date: 29 Jul 2004 10:51:53 -0700

This code attempts to help you learn speed reading by flashing the
contents of the buffer in small word groups in the minibuffer.  I find
it pretty effective, although a bit grueling at times.  Try it with a
novel or something relatively easy at first.  Lots of material
available at Project Gutenberg.

This is the initial release.  Bug reports, comments, suggestions,
etc., most welcome.

I give a URL here rather than posting the code in-line as (a) there
are tedious line wrap problems which at the moment I'm too impatient
to work on, and (b) I then don't need to continually repost as I make
changes.  This URL will always have the latest.

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