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pop-up tool-bar

From: Drew Adams
Subject: pop-up tool-bar
Date: Thu, 7 Oct 2004 00:51:56 -0700

This code adds a minor mode, `tool-bar-here-mode', which is the same as
`tool-bar-mode', except that it affects only the selected frame.

It also adds a "button" named "Tool Bar" to the far right of the menu-bar
whenever the tool-bar is not visible (both `tool-bar-here-mode' and
`tool-bar-mode' are turned off). You can click the button to pop up the
tool-bar on the selected frame for the execution of a single command
(typically a tool-bar button click). The Tool Bar button is absent whenever
the tool-bar is visible, and vice versa.

The idea is to _conserve frame real estate_ but still have quick access to
the tool-bar: No reason to have a tool-bar on each frame. No reason to have
a tool-bar visible all the time; just pop it up when you need it.

Any interest in adding something like this to Emacs (file tool-bar.el)? It's
not intended to replace `tool-bar-mode'; it's just an alternative for people
who might want to use the tool-bar sometimes but don't want to sacrifice
real estate from every frame all the time.

 - Drew


(define-key global-map [menu-bar temp-tool-bar]
  '(menu-item "Tool Bar" show-tool-bar-for-one-command
              :visible (and (not tool-bar-mode) (not tool-bar-here-mode))
              :enable (and (not tool-bar-mode) (not tool-bar-here-mode))
              :help "Use tool bar for one command"))

(setq menu-bar-final-items (append menu-bar-final-items (list

(define-minor-mode tool-bar-here-mode
  "Toggle use of the tool bar on this frame only.
With numeric ARG, display the tool bar if and only if ARG is positive.

See `tool-bar-add-item' and `tool-bar-add-item-from-menu' for
conveniently adding tool bar items."
  :init-value nil :global t :group 'mouse :group 'frames
  (and (display-images-p)
       (let ((lines (if tool-bar-here-mode 1 0)))
         ;; Alter existing frame...
         (modify-frame-parameters (selected-frame) (list (cons 'tool-bar-lines
       (if (and tool-bar-here-mode
                (= 1 (length (default-value 'tool-bar-map)))) ; not yet set up

(defun show-tool-bar-for-one-command ()
  "Pop up the tool bar so you can click a button.
The tool bar stays visible until one command is executed
\(whether or not it was initiated by clicking a button)."
      (let (evnt)
        (tool-bar-here-mode 99)         ; Show tool-bar
        (setq evnt (read-event))
        (push evnt unread-command-events))
    (tool-bar-here-mode -99)))          ; Hide tool-bar

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