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tool-bar Qs/enhancements

From: Drew Adams
Subject: tool-bar Qs/enhancements
Date: Thu, 7 Oct 2004 00:56:57 -0700

Another silly midnight question/enhancement request...for after the release.
I don't know how the Emacs toolbar is implemented, so forgive me if this is
unreasonable or impractical.

How about being able to drag the toolbar off the frame, or move it around
wrt the menubar, or dock it at different edges of the frame -- as you can in
some applications or platforms?

In particular, if the menubar is short, how about (automatically) placing it
to the (left or) right of the menubar?

If some of this were possible, you could, for example, have a single toobar
that you use for several different frames -- the frames would each gain in
real estate. The toolbar contents would change to reflect the focussed

Perhaps this latter possibility is already there: a separate frame with the
toolbar for all other frames -- much as a standalone minibuffer serves all
other frames?

And how about making tool-bar-button-margin zero by default?

 - Drew

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