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RE: pop-up tool-bar

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: pop-up tool-bar
Date: Thu, 7 Oct 2004 10:15:43 -0700

I wanted to make that possibility available too, but didn't know how, from
Lisp. How is it done?

That behavior (just as the behavior I provided) should be a user option. I
can imagine lots of people (including me) _not_ wanting the tool-bar popping
up each time they move the mouse into the menu-bar area!

But, I definitely agree that other people would like that behavior, and it
would be good to provide it. Please tell us how.

Likewise, for a disappearing menu-bar. I personally hate such behavior (e.g.
Windows "Auto-hide the taskbar" option). But I know that some people like
it, especially when real estate is limited (e.g. on a laptop).

 - Drew

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Subject: Re: pop-up tool-bar

> The idea is to _conserve frame real estate_ but still have quick access to
> the tool-bar: No reason to have a tool-bar on each frame. No reason to
> a tool-bar visible all the time; just pop it up when you need it.

The way I see it, the "Tool Bar button" should be the menubar itself, so
that whenever the mouse moves into the menubar area, the toolbar pops up (or
slides down ;-).

The same could be done to the menu bar.  This "auto hide" trick is one of
the rare developments in GUI-stuff that I find interesting (not that it's
new, tho: it's basically the same as the "pop up scrollbars" of SmallTalk).


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