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Create a directory when saving a file

From: Juan-Leon
Subject: Create a directory when saving a file
Date: 28 Oct 2004 10:38:11 -0700


Often (specially when saving mail attachments) I decide to create a
new directory for a file I want to save. I did not know how to make
this quickly from emacs, so I wrote this piece of code that maybe
somebody could find useful:

;; Use C-RET to create a directory from minibuffer while you are
;; writing the name (it does not matter if the name portion has been
;; already typed)
(add-hook 'minibuffer-setup-hook 'leon-add-keybinding-for-create-dir)

(defun leon-add-keybinding-for-create-dir()
  (local-set-key [(control return)] 'leon-create-dir-from-minibuffer))

(defun leon-create-dir-from-minibuffer()
      (buffer-substring-no-properties (point) (point-max)))

Press C-RET when you have typed the complete file name (and beffore
hitting RET key) and directory is created. Then press RET to
write/open the file. I wonder if this already exist, but it was faster
to write it that to search it.

Have fun!


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