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No Compromise Wear only ROLEX - charlottesville cite

From: Blancpain Highest quality
Subject: No Compromise Wear only ROLEX - charlottesville cite
Date: Thu, 04 Nov 2004 12:10:22 -0100 EST


Original Swiss movement watches
All reputed makes and models available

Date - date 
GMT-master II 
Oyster Perpetual

Watches, clocks and alarm clocks manufactured in Switzerland bear the 
designation -Swiss made- (or its abbreviation "Swiss") as well as the logo of 
the producer or distributor. This label enjoys a solid reputation throughout 
the world. 

What lies behind this reputation
What does a label like this mean for the consumer

"Swiss made" embodies a concept of quality that has been forged over the years. 
It includes the technical quality of watches (accuracy, reliability, 
water-resistance and shock-resistance), as well as their aesthetic quality 
(elegance and originality of design). It covers both traditional manufacturing 
and new technologies (micro-electronics).

The Swiss are not the only watchmakers to manufacture high-quality timepieces 
and are consequently faced with strong competition. However, thanks to their 
unique infrastructure and to their know-how and spirit of innovation, they have 
succeeded in maintaining their leading position.

The intrinsic value of the "Swiss made" label, therefore, is the result of 
considerable efforts on the part of watchmaking companies, who are ultimately 
responsible for maintaining its reputation. 

Free shipping & guarantee


Sales Manager
The Italian Crafted Rolex Watches Enterprises

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