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JDEE 2.3.4 available at

From: Paul Kinnucan
Subject: JDEE 2.3.4 available at
Date: 09 Nov 2004 15:52:48 -0500
User-agent: Gnus/5.0808 (Gnus v5.8.8) Emacs/21.3

The Java Development Environment for Emacs (JDEE) is
a free software package that turns Emacs into a complete
environment for developing, testing, and debugging 
Java applications. Features include:

* Commands for compiling, building (via make or Ant), 
  running, and debugging the application
  or applet displayed in the current buffer.

* Intelligent completion of class member names.

* Automatic generation of import statements for all
  classes referenced in the current buffer or for
  the class referenced at point.

* Automatic generation of control flow (if-then, while,
  for, etc.) statements from abbreviations.

* Automatic generation of interface and abstract
  method stubs.

* Source level debugging of applications and applets.

* Java source code interpreter

* Context-sensitive Javadoc help for Java API and custom 
  API functions.

* Source and class browsers

* JUnit-based unit testing support

* Integration with the ECB desktop.

* Multiple projects open at a time with automatic switching
  among projects.

Changes from JDEE 2.3.3

* After compiling a class, the JDEE updates its class info database
  from the directory containing the compiled class instead
  of from the entire project classpath.

  Thanks to Martin Schwamberger.

* Fixed bug in the JDEE's dynamic class loader caused by assuming 
  that only one read operation is needed to read a class from the 
  file system. This was causing class load errors that were
  suppressed by exception handling in the dynamic class loader.

  Thanks to Suraj Acharya.

* Configured Emacs to always use pipes to interact with
  the BeanShell. This fixes code 129 errors that occur on some 
  Linux systems.

* Moved JUnit templates to a separate package jde-junit.el and
  added some contributed commands for starting unit tests. This
  restructuring is preparatory to providing more systematic 
  support for unit testing in the JDEE in future releases.

* Configured the JDEE to always use pipes (rather than
  pseudo terminals) to communicate with external processes (see
  process-connection-type for more info). This change assumes that
  Java processes expect to use pipes.  This change fixes a "Code 129"
  error with XEmacs on some Linux operating systems and may fix
  similar errors on Linux with Emacs.

* Fixed Emacs interface to JDEbug so that it handles chunked 
  responses to debugger commands.

  Thanks to Brian Rumple.

* If jde-run-application-class is a jar file, expand any
  environment variables or relative path indicators in the jar 
  file path. 

  Thanks to Joshua Spiewak.

* The JDEE now supports use of emacs-w3m to browse Javadoc files.
  To use emacs-w3m, set jde-help-browser-function to 

* Fixes bug that caused the generation of an extraneous slash
  in Javadoc URLs on UNIX systems.

* Adds an Import submenu to the Code Generation menu. The submenu 
  contains all of the JDEE's import-related commands.

* JDEE now allows the plugins directory to be under CVS or
  RCS version control, i.e., to contain a directory named
  CVS or RCS.

* Fixes regressions that broke applet debugging.

* Upgrades BeanShell from version 1.2.7 to version 2.0b2.

* Update the class list used by completion and by code generation
  wizards after compiling a class or building a project. This
  should ensure that completion and the wizards work for new
  classes and changes to existing classes after compiling
  new or changed classes. 

* This release includes the following enhancements to the
  JDEE's class import wizard.

  - A new customization variable: jde-import-excluded-classes. The new
    variable replaces jde-import-excluded-packages, which the JDEE no
    longer defines. The new variable provides the following new class
    exclusion options.

    - It allows you to use Lisp functions as well as
      regular expressions to specify exclusion rules.

    - It allows you to specify that a rule excludes all 
      unqualified synonyms of a class that meets the
      rule. For example, one of the default rules specifed
      by this variable excludes java.lang.String as well
      as any other class whose unqualified name is String.

   - This release adds the jde-import-expand-imports command. 
     This command replaces package imports, e.g.,*

     with imports of the classes specifically referenced by the current

  - The following commands now include a prefix argument that
    causes all classes to be imported, regardless of the
    setting of jde-import-excluded-classes.

    - jde-import-find-and-import
    - jde-import-all-filter
    - jde-import-all

  - This release includes a new import organization option:

    Thanks to Martin Schwamberger for these enhancements.

* Fixed bugs that caused inconsistent enabling of electric
  return mode.

* Fixed jde-help-show-class-member-doc to call jde-help-show-document
  from the JDEE buffer instead of the temp buffer to ensure that JDEE
  customizations are in effect, in particular, browse-url-browser-function. 

  Thanks to Dan Katz.

* Emacs 21.3.5 compatibility fix: Updated jde-compile-finish-kill-buffer 
  to include prefix argument which is not optional in Emacs 21.3.5.

  Thanks to T. V. Raman.

* Made jde-entering-java-buffer-hook non-customizable. This 
  variable is part  of the project-switching machinery and 
  therefore should not itself be customizable.

* Made various changes intended to make the JDEE's project-switching 
  code more robust.

* Fixed the following project file-related bugs:

  - Variable that has been changed from its standard value to nil 
    is not saved in project file.

  - Variable whose customization has been erased is not removed 
    from project file.

* Fixes problem with jdb breakpoints. Opening a new java file after setting a
  breakpoint prevents the user from removing the breakpoint.

* Update makefile for compiling the JDEE Lisp code to work with

* Adds JDE->Documentation->Remove (jde-javadoc-remdoc-at-line)
  command. This command removes the javadoc block for the
  declarationa at point.

  Thanks to David Ponce.

* Replace main control flow abbreviation with a main
  method template.

  Thanks to Martin Schwamberger.

* Make console buffer template conform the CheckStyle's default

  Thanks to Martin Schwamberger.

* The jde-import-organize command no longer permanently moves point 
  from its current position.

* Fixes the command jde-debug-where for jdb for line numbers 
  greater than 999.

* Fixes setting the correct stack depth when the thread name 
  contains spaces or '-'.

* Compatibility fix to make control flow abbreviations work
  in XEmacs.

  Thanks to Martin Schwamberger.

* Adds a JDE->Code Generation->Modes menu with items for
  enabling/disabling abbrev mode and electric return mode.

* Remove extra space in generated get/set methods.

  Thanks to Yoon Kyung Koo.

* Adds the customization variable jde-wiz-tostring-static-members.
  When on (the default), this variable causes jde-wiz-tostring
  to include the values of static members in the string returned
  by the generated toString() method.

  Thanks to Yoon Kyung Koo.

* Enhances jde-wiz-tostring to respect the coding style specified
  by jde-gen-k&r.

  Thanks to Yoon Kyung Koo.

* JDEE's syntax hilighting is enhanced to support c-doc-face-name
  if defined.

  Thanks to David Ponce.

* The default for jde-gen-comments (include comments in
  generated cflow code) has been changed from to nil to 
  facilitate Checkstyle conformity.

* This release includes a new approach to generating cflow
  constructs via abbreviations that avoids inserting the
  abbreviations in comments and strings and thus the problems
  that entails.

  Thanks to Martin Schwamberger.

* Typing main no longer expands to a main() method. A command
  for generating a main method will be provided in a future 

* Remove dependency of the beanshell (therefore the JDEE) on
  compilation-mode variables being defined.

* Implements an electric return mode (based on jde-gen-embrace). 

  This mode matches an open brace at the end of a line when you press
  the Enter key. The variable jde-electric-return-p enables this mode,
  which is off by default. The command jde-toggle-electric-return
  enables you to turn the mode off and on regardless of the setting of
  jde-electric-return-p. The command is bound to the toggle menu item
  JDE->Code Generation->Electric Return.  The customization variable
  jde-newline-function allows you to specify any of the standard Emacs
  newline-and-indent functions or a custom function. The electric
  return mode uses the selected function to create the new lines for
  the matching closed brace and intervening content line.

  Thanks to Suraj Acharya.

* Adds the command jde-wiz-tostring. This method generates
  a toString() method at point for the class at point. The
  method returns a string that lists the current values of
  the class's member variables. This release also provides
  customization variables that enable you to specify the
  size of the string buffer used to build the string,
  the order in which the string lists the class's member
  variables, and the separator used to separate the
  variables. See the docstring for the command for more

  Thanks to Jeff Jensen.

* Removed binding of the Return key to jde-gen-embrace.

* Fixed regression bugs resulting from changes to jde-expand-directory

  Thanks to Christian Schmitt.

* Include sregex in the JDEE distribution for XEmacs users.

* Fix regression in jdb interface. 

  Thanks to Jack Donohue.

* Adds jde-lib-excluded-file-names customization variable. 
  This variable allows you to specify jar or zip files not
  to include on the classpath from a jar file directory.

  Thanks to Troy Daniels.

* Adds "default" option to jde-compile-option-source. 

  This option compiles the source features that the compiler
  supports by default.

* In the previous release, the Compile Server had the following 

  - The buffer modeline always says "(Compilation: no process)" even
    while it's compiling a file

  - The buffer doesn't auto hide when there are no errors

  - Even though jde-compile-jump-to-first-error is t, compilations
    don't jump to the first error.

  - Sometimes the buffer displays only part of an error message.

  - On a successful compile, the buffer displays the process
    return code: 0.

  These problems occurred because the beanshell interface stopped
  listening for compiler output after receiving the first

  This release fixes the problem.

  Thanks to Jörg Mensmann for diagnosing and fixing this bug.

* Added a command (jde-import-all, JDE->Code Generation->
  Wizards->Import all, C-c C-v z) to import all classes that 
  need to be imported into the current buffer.

  Thanks to Phillip Lord.

* Fixed incorrect handling of jde-javadoc-gen-args option that 
  caused a Lisp error.

  Thanks to Len Trigg for reporting this problem.

* In previous releases, the Method Override Wizard did not
  permit overriding protected methods and did permit overriding
  final methods. This release fixes these problems.

  Thanks to David Esterkin.

* Now supports completion of symbols declared in a declaration
  that declares a list of symbols, i.e., for b declared as

    String a, b, c;

  completion now completes:


* Typing an open brace followed by Return now causes the
  JDEE to create an empty block with point positioned between
  the two braces, i.e.,

  void foo() {

  You can turn off this behavior by removing the key binding
  for Return from jde-key-bindings.

  Thanks to Suraj Acharya.

* Adds jde-help-wget-tries, jde-help-wget-timeout, and 
  jde-help-wget-command-line-options variables. These variables
  allow you to specify how the JDEE should handle situations
  where a remote site does not respond to requests to download
  help pages.

  Thanks to Nick Sieger.

* Fixes a bug that causes a (wrong-type-argument integerp nil)
  error when entering an import statement in a new Java file. 

  Thanks to David Ponce.

* Fixes bug that caused setting the jde-run-option-jar variable 
  to t to cause a lisp error: "Wrong argument (listp, null)". 

  Thanks to Stephanos Piperoglou.

* Updates jde-import-excluded-packages to exclude packages that 
  start with sun and com.sun. These packages contain classes 
  named i and packages named e, which confuses the JDEE when 
  it tries to complete Iterator instances named i and Exception 
  instances named e.

* Adds a jde-customize-variable command. This command displays
  a customization buffer for Emacs customization variables 
  intended to facilitate setting JDEE customization variables.
  The State menu in this buffer contains all the options that
  the standard State menu plus a "Save to Project File" option.
  This option is enabled if the variable is a JDEE variable 
  and you have edited the displayed value for the variable.
  Selecting this option applies the change and saves the change
  in the current JDEE project file. Selecting the "Erase
  Customization" option on the State menu for a variable
  whose value differs from the default restores the
  default setting and removes the customized setting from
  the project file.

  Note that you can use this command to customize any Emacs variable,
  not just JDEE variables.

  When used to customize JDEE groups, the customize-group command
  displays the same State menu as the jde-customize-variable

  Note that this enhancement eliminate the need to execute the
  jde-save-project-file command after customizing a JDEE variable.

* In previous releases, the JDEE reset all JDEE customization
  variables to their default values before loading a project
  file when switching projects. In this release, the JDEE 
  resets only variables that you have customized. This 
  significantly reduces the time required to switch from a 
  buffer in one project to a buffer in another project.

  Thanks to Phillip Lord for suggesting this change.

* Supports use of J2SDK 1.5.0.

* Fixes plugin interface bug that caused Emacs to hang
  if you tried to restart the Beanshell with more than one
  plugin installed.

* Adds jde-wiz-get-set-static-members option. If on (nonil),
  the jde-wiz-get-set-methods command generates get/set 
  methods for private static members of the class in 
  the current buffer. If off, it generates get/set methods
  only for private nonstatic members.

  Thanks to Petter Måhlén.

* Deleted spurious space in get methods generated by 
  jde-wiz-get-set-methods command.

  Thanks to Petter Måhlén.

* This release highlights stack traces on XEmacs as well 
  as Emacs.

  Thanks to Len Trigg.

* Fixes bug that caused the Method Override Wizard to generate
  the wrong method in some cases.

  Thanks to David Esterkin <address@hidden>

* Fixes some of the breakpoint handling logic in the JDB front end
  debugger. Breakpoints set on a line that does not contain code were
  not being handled correctly.

* Fixed multiple breakpoints requests that were being issued to JDB 
  on an already existent breakpoint.
  Thanks to Jesse Byler

* Adds support for gigabytes size to jde-run-option-heap-size,
  jde-db-option-heap-size, jde-run-option-stack-size, and 

* Adds jde-checkstyle-finish-hook. The JDEE invokes the
  functions specified by this variable after it finishes
  checking the style of the current buffer. The default 
  function scrolls the source buffer to the first error,
  if there is an error. If not, it closes the CheckStyle

  Thanks to Len Trigg.

* Adds a Bean item to the JDE NEW menu. The item creates
  a skeleton Java bean in a new buffer. The equivalent
  command is M-x jde-gen-bean-buffer.

  Thanks to Paul Landes for contributing the Bean template.

* Enhanced get-set method generation to generate the new 
  member at the top of the class instead of at point as
  previous. The template continues to create the get-set
  methods themselves at point.

  Thanks to Paul Landes.
* Setting jde-ant-working-directory now works when invoking ant 
  via a script or a vm.

  Thanks to Stan Lanning. 

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