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EtaskMode 0.3.90 (projects, tasks, Gantt charts, LaTeX)

From: nospam
Subject: EtaskMode 0.3.90 (projects, tasks, Gantt charts, LaTeX)
Date: Sun, 21 Nov 2004 02:32:24 +0100
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EtaskMode: Define and manage your projects or tasks

The download file includes a tutorial, the source code, and the GNU
General Public Licence.

Selected Features

Keep track of tasks in multiple projects 
Manage your todos 
Organize tasks and todos in subtasks and subtodos 
Archive tasks and todos 
Display Gantt bars for all tasks and todos 
Change the zoom factor of the Gantt chart 
Classify each project task according to its criticality: 
   - Normal tasks 
   - High risk tasks
   - Tasks lying on the critical path 
Make task and todo notes 
Set task-specific progress goals: 
   - linear
   - moderate s-shaped
   - s-shaped with tougher requirements for the middle phase
     and therefore more flexibility towards the planned end
Multilingual (German and English) 
Print detailed project status reports 
Generate LaTeX output for high-quality Gantt charts

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