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pabbrev.el 1.16

From: Phillip Lord
Subject: pabbrev.el 1.16
Date: 04 Feb 2005 13:41:22 +0000
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The code provides a abbreviation expansion for Emacs.  Its fairly
similar to "dabbrev" expansion, which works based on the contents
of the current buffer (or other buffers).

Predictive abbreviation expansion works based on the previously
written text.  Unlike dynamic abbreviation, the text is analysed
during idle time, while Emacs is doing nothing else.  `pabbrev-mode'
tells you when this is happening.  If this irritates you unset
`pabbrev-idle-timer-verbose'.  The advantage of this is that its
very quick to look up potential abbreviations, which means that the
can be constantly displayed, without interfering with the user as
they type.

The current user interface looks like so...



This is a bug release version. In particular, this version appears to
work stably on XEmacs. Thanks to Martin Kuehl
(address@hidden), for locating and fixing this. 

There is a reasonable chance that these fixes also solve an occasional
bug reported on Emacs by several people but which the authors have not
been able to reproduce, which results in multiple suggestions being
left in the buffer. Although, as I still can't reproduce this bug,
it's hard to tell for sure. 

;;; History:
;; $Log: pabbrev.el,v $
;; Revision 1.16  2005/02/04 11:15:13  phillord
;; minibuffer check in post-command-hook, fixing an XEmacs issue
;; Revision 1.15  2005/02/02 21:01:24  phillord
;; Updated Documentation.
;; Suppress read-only errors.
;; Fix to usage of pre- and post-command-hooks.
;; Use working.el if it's present.
;; XEmacs fixes.
;; Revision 1.14  2004/12/11 16:48:14  phillord
;; Added proper Window configuration support. suggestions buffer
;; should not screw up two window split now.

Comments welcome.


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