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basis-2-synch-2 (Emacs for VMS) available

From: Thien-Thi Nguyen
Subject: basis-2-synch-2 (Emacs for VMS) available
Date: Tue, 29 Mar 2005 13:25:40 +0200

release notes:

  ah methodology, the programming of programming.
  still a ways from the programming of programmers,
  but that must necessarily be a self-directed task.
  emacs can be useful there but at best peripherally.


NEWS excerpt:

  - basis-2-synch-2 | 2005-03-29
    - New convenience script available (in this directory): PREP-ZIP
    - Code Porting: no changes
    - Build Methodology
        Requires Autoconf for VMS version 1.104 or later.
        Much of [.VMS]*.COM is now offloaded to "autoconf --installvmslib";
        bindir, libdir and infodir are no longer manually initialized and
        AC_SUBSTituted (although many other variables are); bootstrapping
        flow was finally written (includes byte-compilation but not doc
        build); RUNTEMACS.COM was removed in favor of PRE-INST-EMACS.COM;
        the DONTCOMPILE list now includes two extra files that crash Emacs
        during bootstrap byte-compilation.
        Bootstrap+install *tested* (yay!); walltime approximately 4hrs.
        See README for updated build instructions.
    - Installation Methodology
        Requires Autoconf for VMS version 1.104 or later.
        KEPTEDITOR.COM is now installed in $(pkglibdir), which is a
        child of $(libdir), which is a child of $(exec_prefix).  This
        change should be transparent to GNU_STARTUP.COM users (which
        should be most everyone).
        Installation no longer creates $(lockdir).
    - GNU CVS Repository Integration
        More small bits here and there (focus was on Build Methodology).
        I have received email from Richard Levitte and hope to be able
        to clear up some integration issues with his help.
        The patch filecount is 97 (down from 173 for basis-1-synch-1).

distribution directories:

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