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icicles.el: minibuffer input completion and cycling - new version (bug f

From: Drew Adams
Subject: icicles.el: minibuffer input completion and cycling - new version (bug fix)
Date: Thu, 1 Sep 2005 17:20:39 -0700

I mentioned library icicles.el on 8/14 (subject "icicles-menu.el", the
sister library). It lets you cycle through the completion candidates, or
complete your input to them, using regexp matching ("apropos completion") or
ordinary prefix matching.

This completion and cycling works not only for command execution (M-x), but
also for any other minibuffer input that uses completion. This includes
commands that read buffer names (e.g. C-x b) and file names (e.g. C-x C-f).

A new version of icicles.el is available that, in particular, works
correctly wrt file-name completion on non-MS Windows platforms (!).

Because I use Emacs mainly on MS Windows, I was not aware that the previous
version was bugged wrt file-name completion. So, if you do not use MS
Windows, and you had trouble with the previous version, please try the new

Available here: Writeup is


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