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tumme.el 0.4.9 - no code

From: Mathias Dahl
Subject: tumme.el 0.4.9 - no code
Date: Sat, 24 Sep 2005 15:15:42 +0200
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Please find the latest version here:

For contacting me, use the e-mail address found in the
source code.


  Version 0.4.9, 2005-09-24

   * Fixed bug in `tumme-display-thumbs'.  If a thumbnail file could
   not be created for some reason (bad file for example), even if
   several other thumbnails was created sucessfully, the code
   generated an error and never continued doing the line-up.
   * Made tumme.el pass the M-x checkdoc test, phew!
   * Added `tumme-rotate-original', `tumme-rotate-original-left' and
   `tumme-rotate-original-right' to rotate the original image from
   thumbnail view. By default it uses JpegTRAN to rotate the images
   non-lossy. Only works on JPEG images. The two new commands were
   added to thumbnail mode. Thanks to Colin Marquardt who told me
   about the "-copy all" option to jpegtran.
   * Added the functions `tumme-get-exif-data' and
   `tumme-set-exif-data' for reading and writing EXIF data to image files.
   * Rewrote `tumme-get-exif-file-name': now uses
   `tumme-get-exif-data'. Slight change to replace spaces with
   underscores (tt seems not all cameras use the exact same format for
   DateTimeOriginal). Added code for handling files that has no
   EXIF-data (use file's timestamp instead).
   * Changed from using the exif program to exiftool because exiftool
   also handles writing of EXIF data, which is very useful.
   * Added the command `tumme-thumbnail-set-image-description' that
   can be used to set the EXIF tag ImageDescription. Thanks to Colin
   Marquardt for the suggestion.
   * Added `tumme-toggle-mark-thumb-original-file' and
   `tumme-mouse-toggle-mark' and changed
   `tumme-modify-mark-on-thumb-original-file' to support toggling of
   mark of original image file in dired, from
   `tumme-thumbnail-mode'. Bound C-down-mouse-1
   `tumme-mouse-toggle-mark' to in `tumme-thumbnail-mode'.
   * Changed `tumme-mouse-select-thumbnail' to also display properties
   after the file is selected.


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