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Re: iTunes mode for NTEmacs

From: s takeda
Subject: Re: iTunes mode for NTEmacs
Date: 6 Feb 2006 04:29:01 -0800
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>    I created iTunes mode for NTEmacs.
>     It enables you to control iTunes for Windows from Emacs.

> 1. Why does this only work on Windows?

My lisp program (win-itunes.el) controls iTunes through
two Perl scripts and these scripts internally use
Win32::OLE module which is available only on Perl
for Windows.  So, my lisp works only on Windows
under the current status.  But, I think that the program
can be easily ported to Emacs on Mac although I can't
do it because I don't have a Mac.

> 2. Does this involve running a non-free program
> to do the work?

Programs included in iTunes mode (one lisp
and two perl scripts) are written by me and
distributed under GPL.  So, all of them are free.

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