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RE: predictive.el -- predictive completion of words as you type in Emacs

From: Phillip Lord
Subject: RE: predictive.el -- predictive completion of words as you type in Emacs
Date: Sun, 26 Feb 2006 16:48:56 -0000

Toby 'qubit' Cubitt wrote:
> The languages we use to communicate contain a large amount of
> redundancy. Given the first few letters of a word, for instance, it's
> not too difficult to predict what should come next. Try it! You can
> probably easily guess how to fill in the missing letters in the
> following sentence:    
>      Giv th fir fe lett o a wor i no diffi t predi wh shou com nex.
> This is even more true of languages used to communicate with
> computers, which typically have very restricted vocabularies and
> rigidly defined grammars.  
> Predictive completion exploits this redundancy by attempting to
> complete what you are trying to type before you've finished typing
> it. It predicts what you're trying to type from context, and from the
> frequency with which you've used words in the past. (Something like
> the IntelliSense feature in some IDEs, but on steroids.)    
> The predictive mode package adds a predictive completion minor mode
> to Emacs. The sources are too big to post here, but are available
> from:  
> The package's web page can be found at:

Looks interesting, but rather like pabbrev.el which does much the same
thing. Have you tried both?


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