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Re: wajig.el 0.3 --- an interface for wajig

From: Kevin Rodgers
Subject: Re: wajig.el 0.3 --- an interface for wajig
Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2006 14:35:46 -0700
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William Xu wrote:
> (mapc
>  (lambda (command)
>    ;; FIXME: Is this the correct way, using `eval'?
>    (eval `(define-wajig-command ,command)))
>  '(
>    auto-clean auto-download clean commands daily-upgrade
>    describe-new detail-new dist-upgrade docs file-download
>    file-remove fix-configure fix-install fix-missing init integrity
>    help large last-update list list-all list-cache list-commands
>    list-daemons list-hold list-installed list-log list-orphans
>    local-dist-upgrade local-upgrade non-free orphans policy reset
>    search-apt setup showdistupgrade showinstall showremove
>    showupgrade size sizes snapshot tasksel toupgrade update
>    ))

I think this is more readable:

(define-wajig-command auto-clean)
(define-wajig-command update)

Kevin Rodgers

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