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RE: Access recent files menu from minibuffer

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Access recent files menu from minibuffer
Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2006 10:38:31 -0800

    As pointed out in the Emacs wiki, recentf.el lacks a minibuffer
    interface, and several ways of accessing recent files from the
    minibuffer are presented there (see

FYI - I have added your code to that Web page. Thanks. Please consider
posting it as a library to both address@hidden and

    These all use just the unstructured recentf-list. But one of the
    features of recentf.el that I find most useful is the possibility
    of filtering recentf-list and structuring the recent file menu in
    accordance with the filter.

FYI - An alternative to using your code is to access recentf structured
menus (from filtering) using `icicle-menu.el'

For example, if you've chosen to structure recentf menus by directory
(`recentf-arrange-by-dir') and you type "recent" at the
`icicle-execute-menu-command' prompt, then you will see completion
candidates like this:

 File > Open Recent > /my-lisp/ (34) > icicle-menu.el
 File > Open Recent > /my-lisp/my-subdir/ (2) > recentf-berman.el

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