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Re: EmacsAssist

From: Anton V. Belyaev
Subject: Re: EmacsAssist
Date: 28 Mar 2006 10:21:43 -0800
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ECB is nice. But to select method from it you should navigate to it
with C-p C-n. Senator (a part of Semantic) allows to select method with

EmacsAssist offers a better (faster!) way, IMHO:
You can type any substring from method name. And with every letter you
type you see the progress: method list is reduced to only those which
contain this substring. This saves you several TAB presses comparing to
using abbrev. And you can still select among them with C-p C-n. This
saves your time if the rest of the substring needed to pinpoint method
is complex.

It is hard to explain this convinience. Have you tried it? It should be
obvious after you have tried.

Maybe I'll generalize this type of list item selection to allow to
select buffer, file and whatsorever in such a way.

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