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ttn-pers-elisp 1.56 available

From: Thien-Thi Nguyen
Subject: ttn-pers-elisp 1.56 available
Date: Sat, 22 Apr 2006 12:18:09 +0200

release notes:

  spring cleaning...


README excerpt:

  This directory tree contains ttn's personal elisp library, released under
  GNU GPL with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.  See the file COPYING for details.

NEWS excerpt:

  - 1.56 | 2006-04-22

    - Bugfix: `M-x dict' no longer signals error on unmet heuristics

        Basically, the screenscraping is more slackful now.  Of course,
        that we do screenscraping in the first place is suboptimal...

    - Dropped library: hideshow-state.el

        This library provides a method for saving and restoring the
        positions of the hideshow overlays in a separate file.  We drop
        it to encourage development of more general methods.

    - Variable `custom-file' no longer set

        Previously, customization facilities were used only to set a
        handful of face attributes -- these are now done "manually".
        Along w/ this change, the distribution no longer includes
        customized-state.el, and that file is deleted from the install
        tree (in lisp/core/) if found.

    - `M-x fetch-mail' handles ssh error

        If ssh should return non-zero, this now displays "PROBLEM (try
        again later)".  Previously, it would write a bogus mbox file w/
        the ssh error message (if any) and (sometimes) hang mysteriously.

    - Changes to gnugo.el

      - Bugfix: Handle SGF[4] "empty" play values

        Basically, SGF[4] allows "", as well as the traditional (SGF[3])
        "tt", to mean PASS, so now gnugo.el does, too.

      - New command: gnugo-toggle-grid

        This command, bound to `g' for GNUGO Board mode, toggles
        visibility of the surrounding grid (A B C ... 1 2 3 ...).

      - New user vars: gnugo-X-face, gnugo-O-face, gnugo-grid-face

        You can use these to specify faces for X (black), O (white),
        and the grid, respectively.  Note: Only `gnugo-grid-face' is
        relevant when using images to display the board.

    - Default `grep-find-command' avoids looking in RCS and CVS subdirs

        When "grep" is loaded, `grep-find-command' is now set to a value
        that prunes RCS and CVS subdirs from the find(1).

    - New keybinding: `C-c I' runs the command Info-on-current-buffer

        This is useful when browsing tarballs or zipfiles, where there
        is no separate file to specify to `C-u C-h i'.

    - New variable: my-prog-env-makefilish-major-modes

        This specifies to `my-prog-env' which major modes should be
        treated like Makefile mode.  Specifically, non-nil value enables
        `indent-tabs-mode', and inhibits enabling of `hs-minor-mode'.

    - Imported mailcrypt upgraded (version 3.5.8ttn1)

    - New library: dired-especially.el

tarball and other files in dir:

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