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Re: other-window-or-buffer

From: John Sturdy
Subject: Re: other-window-or-buffer
Date: 7 May 2006 02:34:30 -0700
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> Just out of curiousity, which keybinding have you replaced?  C-x o or
> C-x b ?

The keybinding it replaces is actually C-kp-next, but that's because,
in order to reduce the load on my hands (I have RSI) I have a set of
footswitch units daisy-chained onto the keyboard, each unit having
three buttons (large central one, small one on each side), the left one
doing Ctrl, Shift and Meta, and the right one doing various commands,
bound to some keys that I wasn't using but can be read with a full set
of modifiers. So as I see it, the keybinding is "leftmost switch on the
left foot and rightmost switch on the right foot"! I originally had
this bound the same as C-x o, but then realized that (pedal allocation
being a scarce resource) I was wasting a useful pedal combination when
there was only one window, so I wrote this.

(I have developed some software that lets you put different kinds of
movement easily onto the cursor keys, and I use this with the left and
middle pedals on the right, with modifiers -- I'll be posting this
soon. And the rightmost right pedal brings up a slightly hacked tmm
(text mode menu), the other right-foot pedals navigate the menu tree
when in tmm, and the "menu" pedal again selects the current entry. I
can recommend this setup highly to anyone who wants to offload some of
the work from their hands.)

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