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Re: A Windows style file deletion system

From: Davin Pearson
Subject: Re: A Windows style file deletion system
Date: 28 May 2006 02:21:28 -0700
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The title of this file has been updated so that it no longer mentions
Microsoft Windows in deference to a request by Richard Stallman.

Click on the following link for more info:

Here is a summary of the system:

The file trashcan.el changes the behaviour of deleting files with the
"x" key in dired mode. Instead of deleting files permanently, which is
Emacs' default behaviour, they are either moved to a Trashcan
Directory (the actual directory depends on the value of the string
variable trashcan--dir which has a default value of ".TRASHCAN") or if
you are already in the trashcan directory, then the files are deleted
permanently. Like the Windows Recycle Bin, files in the trashcan can
be restored (undeleted) and in Windows for efficiency each hard drive
has own trashcan directory. Files can be restored by viewing the
trashcan directory in dired mode, selecting the file(s) you wish to
restore with the "m" key and then executing the command M-x
trashcan--restore. If no files or directories have been selected, then
the file or directory currently pointed to by the cursor is
restored. Each trashcan directory can be emptied via the command M-x
trashcan--empty while you are viewing that directory in dired
mode. The name "trashcan" comes from the Amiga Computer's equivalent
of the Windows Recycle Bin.

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