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palette.el - a color palette for Emacs 22

From: Drew Adams
Subject: palette.el - a color palette for Emacs 22
Date: Fri, 2 Jun 2006 18:42:30 -0700

This announces library palette.el, which provides a color palette for Emacs
22. It is is similar to many color-choice dialog boxes that exist outside

Use it to examine color properties or choose colors. You can input colors
using recognized color names, RGB components (red, green, blue), or HSV
components (hue, saturation, value). Completion is available for color

You can navigate the HSV and RGB color spaces interactively – the HSV and
RGB components are displayed in the echo area as you do so. Then click
‘mouse-2’ or hit ‘RET’ to choose a color. Or, hold Shift while you navigate
to continually update the current color.

Source code is here: Have

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