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CC support for PHP, Javascript, C#

From: Dave Love
Subject: CC support for PHP, Javascript, C#
Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2006 12:07:45 +0100
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[Apologies if this appears twice, but mailing list seems to have eaten
the first attempt.]

Here are some diffs against CC mode 5.31.3† to provide preliminary
support for PHP, Javascript, and C#.  They undoubtedly need
improvement, especially the C# bits and because I don't understand CC
mode, but they might be useful to others or as a basis for
improvements.  I don't know whether they'll be included in CC mode.
(They're independent of some similar things I found people had done
for older CC modes which didn't get included for some reason.)

Note that if you apply the patch, and just recompile within the
current Emacs CVS, at least, you'll get a version that bogusly loads
CL stuff at runtime; I don't know if it's wrong in other ways.
Removing cc*.elc first works round the build bug.

If anyone wants to send improvements, I'll maintain an updated patch.
Significant changes will need to be covered by an FSF copyright
assignment, though.

† Actually they're against more-or-less current Emacs CVS, probably
  with fuzz due to fixes in my source.

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