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ecb + ebrowse (intro)

From: John S. Yates, Jr.
Subject: ecb + ebrowse (intro)
Date: Sun, 02 Jul 2006 09:16:09 -0400

IANALP (I am not a lisp programmer) so this stuff is really crude.
It is functional enough for me to be using it regularly.  I post it
as a proof of concept in the hopes that someone who really is a lisp
programmer will be inspired to do something more polished.

Following the example in the ECB manual I created an ECB layout with
a pair of new windows, one for ebrowse's *Tree* buffer, and one for
ebrowse's *Members* buffer.  Since IANALP these do not even know how
to visit the BROWSE database.  I have to do that before firing up ECB.
I also open a *Members* buffer and put it into long display mode.  To
get it to work I then have to hide those ebrowse windows, start ECB
and switch to my ebrowse5 layout.  From that point on I do have real
access to ebrowse from within ECB.

I have also hacked ebrowse a bit.  I rearranged long display format to
be more useful in a narrow ECB interactor window.

I first started exploring ebrowse because I wanted a tool that would
allow my to browse a class hierarchy.  Ebrowse does an okay job of
this but I was often frustrated by having class leaves displayed at
the top of the window.  Admitted, there are indeed times when this is
what one wants.  But being able to display base classes first can also
be desirable.  I have provided this capability in a REALLY crude way.
A  true lisp programmer would surely do it with recursion.  I just
construct a list in the opposite order every time.



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