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dictem-0.81, DICT client for [X]Emacs, has been released

From: Aleksey Cheusov
Subject: dictem-0.81, DICT client for [X]Emacs, has been released
Date: Sat, 22 Jul 2006 17:09:15 +0300
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dictem-0.81, an extrimely customizable DICT client for [X]Emacs, has been

Major changes:

Version 0.81, Sat, 22 Jul 2006 15:45:53 +0300

  - dictem-server variable can be equal to nil, in this case
    'dict' command line tool will be called without -h option, i.e.
    default _list of servers_ specified in .dictrc (or dict.conf)
    will be used.

    dict:///dictionary_name (in dictem-user-databases-alist) also means
    that default server list will be used, see Ex.4 for the sample of use.

  - dictem-server variable now defaults to nil, old value was "".
    dictem-strategy-alist and dictem-database-alist also defaults to nil.

Version 0.8, Mon,  Sun, 28 May 2006 00:23:43 +0300

  - removed: ./configure / make / make install
    See installation section in README if you are in trouble

  - added: dictem-exclude-databases variable to disable some databases
    from autocompletion menu, see example 15 in README file.

    example for those who uses dict://

        (setq dictem-exclude-databases
         '("tur-" "afr-" "ara-" "cro-" "cze-" "dan-" "hin-" "hun-"
           "iri-" "ita-" "kha-" "lat-" "nld-" "por-" "sco-" "scr-"
           "slo-" "swa-" "swe-" "tur-" "rom-" "wel-"

           "-tur" "-afr" "-ara" "-cro" "-cze" "-dan" "-hin" "-hun"
           "-iri" "-ita" "-kha" "-lat" "-nld" "-por" "-sco" "-scr"
           "-slo" "-swa" "-swe" "-tur" "-rom" "-wel"))

  - errors messages obtained from 'dict' command are printed
     in case initialization failure but the constant string.

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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