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wajig.el 0.43

From: William Xu
Subject: wajig.el 0.43
Date: Thu, 27 Jul 2006 01:41:57 +0800
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Briefly, wajig.el is a deb package mananger for emacsers, by making use
of wajig. See "Commentary" in wajig.el for more.

Changes since 0.3 (2006/02/24), 

- Add new highlighting keywords "SHA1" "SHA256", etc.
- Use sudo for editing sources.list.
- Add a completion table for `wajig-manually'.
- Add several network related functions.
- Add `wajig-run-frequent-commands'.
- Don't erase buffer even when `wajig process already exists' error
- Remove `eval' things and use general method to define a new wajig

/earth: file system full.

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