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Calendar hack: Displaying ISO weeks, update for emacs 22, the real updat

From: Alf-Ivar Holm
Subject: Calendar hack: Displaying ISO weeks, update for emacs 22, the real update
Date: Wed, 06 Dec 2006 09:47:01 +0100
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Ehem, the version I sent were the old one, as I did the fix/update on
a different site than the one I'm posting from.  Included is the
actual update, with the following change:

I agree with Kevin Rodgers that facemenu-unlisted-faces is not needed,
as I had a test for that in the not-posted version (that was the
actual update):

        (if (string< emacs-version "22")
            (add-to-list 'facemenu-unlisted-faces ...))

I have followed Kevin's take on it and changed it to `boundp' in the
one attached here as I assume that is recommended over emacs-version
testing.  And I don't see this as a pretest issue - the documentation
of the facemenu-(un)listed-faces issue in the NEWS file is sufficient
- that is why I added the test above, albeit it was not posted.

I should point out as this is titled a hack and I do not have have a
test suite I will not guarantee that it works in all environments, BUT
I have used it with extensive diary usage, and with the use of
Norwegian names, holidays, and calendar set up without any problems
(except for eventual changes in functions/variables when a new emacs
arrived, e.g. v. 22) for 10 years.  Despite what the calendar author
believes the calendar packages are robust enough to support added
visual stuff without messing with the other parts or the calendar
movement, e.g. moving from the last day of the week to the beginning
of next week is done by a single C-f (or equivalent) - jumping over
the week number.

A few screenshots from the X version:

- Emacs 22:   
- Emacs 21, Norwegian:

(I guess my next hack would be to make the Norwegian date syntax correct in
the last screenshot, and add a translated string.ยน)


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Description: Displaying ISO week in calendar, updated for emacs 22, 2nd try

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