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Re: tc.el --- timid completion

From: address@hidden
Subject: Re: tc.el --- timid completion
Date: 25 Feb 2007 06:26:46 -0800
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On Feb 25, 11:59 am, Thorsten Bonow <address@hidden> wrote:
> It should be noted that there already is a "tc.el" out there: Trivial Cite

I forgot to google for the name. Package renamed to timid.el

>     spamfilteraccount> BTW, it was tested only on emacs 21.
> A quick test on the CVS version of Emacs was successful...

Good to know. Thanks.

>     spamfilteraccount> I use Icicles, so I can use it to match files from the
>     spamfilteraccount> history:
> Alas, it is not working with "ido.el", my favorite enhancement of the
> find-file/switch-buffer mechanism (even when dropping out of ido completion by
> pressing C-f again).

The dropping out thing is easy. Just add ido-fallback-command (which
is bound to C-f) to timid-affected-commands:

  (push 'ido-fallback-command timid-affected-commands)

> One more thing: The source is garbled (at least with my GNUS and on google
> groups); I think automatic line breaking has messed up a comment

Uploaded package to emacs wiki:

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