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Re: timid.el --- timid completion

From: address@hidden
Subject: Re: timid.el --- timid completion
Date: 27 Feb 2007 03:46:16 -0800
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I'm an iswitchb user and today I wanted to switch to a buffer which
did not exist. After getting used to the comfort of timid completion
during file completion the thought occured to me why do I have to tell
iswitchb to fall back to file opening in order to open the file? It
could show me the matching files from the history automatically, like
in case of file opening.

So I added experimental timid support for iswithcb too. With this
improvement the difference between buffer switching and file opening
started to blur in my emacs usage. As a savehist user most of the
files I usually work with are either opened in emacs already or they
are in the history (length set to 1000, duplicates filtered out). So
when I want to switch to a file I now just use iswitchb and if it's
not opened I select it from the completions provided from the file
history by timid.

find-file is needed only if the file wasn't opened recently in my

Of course, buffer switching is more frequent than file opening (at
least in my experience), so the default timid delay is overridden.
For iswitchb for the time
being I set it to twice the value (1 second) than the default. See the
function timid-iswitchb-setup.

Since the implementation of iswitchb is similar to ido (I think) those
who are interested can add ido support too using the iswitchb
implementation as a guideline.

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