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thingatpt-utils 1.1

From: Andreas Roehler
Subject: thingatpt-utils 1.1
Date: Wed, 11 Apr 2007 21:40:52 +0200
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Attached is a new version of thingatpt-utils

Have a nice time

Andreas Roehler


;;; Commentary:

;; A set of functions to return, mover over or manipulate a
;; given THING. THING may be a well known form as
;; symbol', `list', `sexp', `defun' but also a new
;; defined and abstract thing.

;; The idea is to have a set of similar forms, which are quickly
;; found that way. Many of them you probably
;; will never use; however it's easy thus to know which
;; facilities exist, should you need them. For example, to provide a
;; word with double-quotes around it, call
;; doublequote-word-atpt. In a similar way you may double-quote not
;; just a word, but any object instrumented here as THING. You
;; want to have parentheses around it? Call
;; parentize-word-atpt, etc.

;; To see other features, maybe try separate-list-atpt or
;; comment-list-atpt while point is inside a list. Try
;; it again with an abstract char-class as [:alnum:],
;; i.e. try comment-alnum-atpt, brace-alnum-atpt etc.

;; Call `list-of-things-atpt' to see which objects are presently
;; instrumented.

;; All THINGS are provided with a set of functions at, before and
;; after point - i.e. to call with ACTION-THING-atpt,
;; -bfpt, afpt.

;; This utility comes with test-functions which return the possible
;; results of most functions
;; (exception are the kill-fns). Call thatpt-test,
;; thatpt-mv-test or thatpt-delimtest over text.
;; Thatpt-delimtest changes but restores the buffer.
;; Customize the speed of execution via `thatpt-delimtest-delay'
;; and `thatpt-mv-test-delay.'

;; Many changes to previous version: funcions now are taking numeric arguments. With a positive arg, THING-atpt returns buffer-substring from beginning of current THING up to the end of nth THINGs forward; with a negative argument, up to the nth THINGs backward. Forward-THING moves nth THINGs forward and returns point, backward-THING respective. Region-afpt returns region, if point is at the beginning, nil otherwise; region-bfpt returns region, if point is at the end of region, nil otherwise. Beginning- and end-op's are renamed in order to avoid conflicts with thingatpt.el. Several new functions as `forward-list-atpt', `syntax-class-atpt'.

;; Diffs to basics of required thingatpt.el:
;; `bounds-of-thing-at-point' is replaced by a new
;; `bounds-of-single-thatpt', which now first searches backward.
;; As a consequence several `beginning-op-atpt' and `end-op-atpt' constructs
;; had to be rewritten.

;; Behavior in general is not validating; i.e. if you call
;; url-atpt and there is no url, all chars at point may be picked,
;; which could be part of a url. Sometimes, however, a kind of
;; validation may be introduced.

;; In case of trouble, please send me a bug report. Any ideas and
;; comments welcome.

Attachment: thingatpt.tgz
Description: GNU Unix tar archive

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