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Re: elisp question

From: stan
Subject: Re: elisp question
Date: Fri, 11 May 2007 01:59:51 -0400
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Vinicius Jose Latorre wrote:
> stan wrote:


>> The line I don't think I understand is
>> (and (fboundp 'start-process) 0)
>> Actually that's a fragment of a larger expression. It looks to me like
>> this will always be nil. Is this some idiom I haven't seeen or is this
>> just a synonym fo nil?
> No, this expression returns nil or 0 (zero).
> It's evaluated as the 5th parameter (buffer) of call-process-region.
> Typing  C-h f call-process-region RET, you can read:
>       ......
>       If buffer is 0, `call-process-region' returns immediately with 
> value nil.
>       Otherwise it waits for program to terminate
>       and returns a numeric exit status or a signal description string.
>       ......

Thanks for all the responses. For the record I asked the question badly.
I typed nil when I meant 0 and I understood the syntax and most of the
meaning. My confusion stemmed from the test for what I thought was a
built in function. I somehow totally forgot Xemacs and older versions. 

I guess the lesson here is that I should probably not attempt to pose
queries while playing with my grandchildren. 


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