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From: Phillip Lord
Subject: smtp-openssl
Date: Mon, 21 May 2007 11:30:02 +0100
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This is a new package which adds SSL/TLS support to smptmail.el, using
openssl rather than gnutls. This is useful because gnutls uses process
signalling for out-of-band communication, so doesn't work with
NTEmacs, at least not in my hands. I've been using this with cygwin
openssl (which is what Gnus IMAP support uses) and it seems to work

As far as I can tell, it provides exactly the same level of security
as the original gnutls support. Openssl is using the same TLS
protocol. But I am not expert, so I could be wrong. 

Finally, this package is, and will remain, a hack. I have had to
overwrite a function in smtpmail and the code has a race condition in
the middle (which I may be able to fix at some point). I am posting
this here, in case it's useful to anyone rather than as a testimony to
the excellence of my coding skills.

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