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Re: realplay.el interface with Real Player v. 1879

From: David Hansen
Subject: Re: realplay.el interface with Real Player v. 1879
Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2007 06:52:06 +0200
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On Mon, 16 Jul 2007 23:34:25 -0400 Richard Stallman wrote:

> The core of mplayer is free software, but the proprietary codecs are
> not.  Because mplayer encourages the use of those proprietary codecs,
> and yet has the false reputation of being free software, it has the
> effect of making them look legitimate.

mplayer does not encourage the use of proprietary codecs.  It's a
reasonable solution for GNU/Linux (and other Unix) users who wants to
view or listen to some media offered via the web or on DVD.

I'd prefer if free audio and video codecs would be used but
unfortunately nearly no one offers this.

mplayer also supports a wide range of free codecs.

> We definitely should not support mplayer.

You (the GNU project) already does so with EMMS.  I use it all the time
but mainly because it's the only supported way to playback the free [1]
musepack codec.

IMHO `mplayer' and the strongly related `libavcodec' encourage a lot of
people to switch to a free operating system.  Next time you hear some
window user whining about the codec hell, just tell him that on
GNU/Linux you can install one single program that plays nearly every
media file out there.


[1]  I think there are some unspecified patent claims but these days
this applies to nearly all a bit more complex software.

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