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Re: realplay.el interface with Real Player v. 1879

From: David Hansen
Subject: Re: realplay.el interface with Real Player v. 1879
Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2007 06:43:01 +0200
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On Thu, 19 Jul 2007 00:25:04 -0400 Richard Stallman wrote:

>     >     You (the GNU project) already does so with EMMS.
>     >
>     > What is EMMS, and how does EMMS relate to mplayer?
>     It's an Emacs interface to various command line media players.  It also
>     has a lot of features you would expect from a full blown GUI media
>     player, like playlists, ability to browse your media files, managing web
>     streams and a lot more.
>     mplayer is one of the supported players.
> Why do you say that EMMS is something that we, the GNU Project, are doing?
> Does the GNU Project support or recommend EMMS?

Well, it is part of the GNU project.  I assume this implies "support and


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