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Re: ;;; anything.el --- open anything

From: billclem
Subject: Re: ;;; anything.el --- open anything
Date: Sat, 28 Jul 2007 19:20:08 -0000
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Hi Tassilo,

On Jul 28, 1:32 am, Tassilo Horn <address@hidden> wrote:
> address@hidden writes:
> > It looks like anything-source-imenu was the cause of problems #1, #2,
> > & #3. A #4 issue that occurs with the anything-source-imenu code in
> > anything-config.el is that it causes anything to not work if you call
> > anything in a dired buffer. I've commented out the definition in
> > anything-config.el and put the following replacement definition for
> > anything-source-imenu in my .emacs file - it works ok for me and
> > eliminates the 4 problems:
> [...]
> Thanks, I'll take your version. The imenu thing didn't work for me, too,
> and I wanted to take it out again, because it only works if you invoke
> anything from source cod buffers.

The other thing I was going to mention is that the locate command that
comes with Mac OS X doesn't support the "-i " & "-r" options; however,
see that you've already addressed this with a new variable. So, for
OS X, I can just put the following in my .emacs file:
(setq anything-locate-options '("locate"))

However, It might be worthwhile conditioning this in anything-
config.el so
that Mac users don't have to always make this customization. So, the
defvar could be:

(defvar anything-locate-options (if (eq system-type 'darwin)
                                  '("locate" "-i " "-r"))
  "A list where the `car' is the name of the locat program
followed by options. The search pattern will be appended, so the
\"-r\" option should be the last option.")

That way, only Mac users who download a different "locate"
will need to set the variable.

Bill Clementson

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