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tagger.el --- Tagged information handler

From: address@hidden
Subject: tagger.el --- Tagged information handler
Date: Wed, 01 Aug 2007 05:30:51 -0700
User-agent: G2/1.0

;; When one finds out about something it's useful if the information
;; is recorded somewhere. I usually use some file to dump everything
;; in it and use incremental search to find stuff. This is not
;; efficient, it is more useful to limit the search to a particular
;; context, so the the information can be retrieved easier. One can
;; keep separate note files, of course, but these tend to proliferate.
;; This package provides a very simple information manager mode where
;; information snippets can be tagged and retrieved using tags.
;; Each information snippet has a title and several tags. The title
;; begins with a * and tags are in the title after a / character:
;;   * some title /tag1 tag2 ...
;; Tags are separated with whitespaces.
;; tagger-mode activates the mode in a buffer.
;; tagger-show shows only the snippets having all the given tags or
;; everything if an empty string is given.
;; Note there is tab completion for tags both in the snippet title and
;; in the minibuffer.

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