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Re: ;;; anything.el --- open anything

From: billclem
Subject: Re: ;;; anything.el --- open anything
Date: Fri, 03 Aug 2007 21:15:39 -0000
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On Aug 3, 1:31 pm, "address@hidden"
<address@hidden> wrote:
> Hi,
> On Aug 3, 10:08 pm, address@hidden wrote:
> > The last file I selected with a search pattern of "anyt" was
> > anything.el (with a count of 2 times using that pattern) but the file
> > I've selected most frequently is anything-config.el (with a count of 4
> > times using that pattern) so I would have thought that anything-
> > config.el would show up first when I call up anything and enter a
> > pattern of "anyt".
> Yes, that's exactly how it should work and it works like this for me.
> > Is it still not working correctly or did I misunderstand what was
> > intended?
> I was writing the code this afternoon during a programming course
> while I was simultaneously working on the task given by the
> instructor, so yes, it's possible there are still bugs in it. :) It's
> hot off the presses and is not tested extensively.
> However, the code is not complex, so it should work more or less
> correctly. I don't know why you get these results. Hopefully, someone
> else tries it too, so that we have more information.
> BTW, the heart of the sorting is the function anything-adaptive-sort
> which sorts the candidates according to variable anything-adaptive-
> history. It's not a long function, so maybe someone who understands
> enough lisp does a peer review and discovers quickly what the problem
> is which I miss.

Oops, looks like I forgot to do:

(setq anything-filtered-candidate-transformers
   '((file . anything-adaptive-sort)))

after loading anything-adaptive.el. I guess I thought I had since the
history was showing up. With some limited testing, anything now seems
to be returning things according to the history values. However, if
anything-filtered-candidate-transformers is nil, there shouldn't be
any history written. If this code is added to anything-config.el,
Tassilo will probably want to modify it so that the history is only
written when the user has activated the filtered candidate transformer

- Bill

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