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Re: In-buffer viewer for DVI files

From: Tassilo Horn
Subject: Re: In-buffer viewer for DVI files
Date: Tue, 21 Aug 2007 20:59:25 +0200
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John Sturdy <address@hidden> writes:

Hi John,

> I found a machine I was using didn't have xdvi, so I wrote some elisp
> to call dvipng and put the resulting pages together in an Emacs
> buffer; then I made it into a major mode, with "next" and "previous"
> commands, etc.

that's really nice.  Indeed I wanted to write something like that for
quite some time, but I never did so...

Anyway, you could make it even better by making it a generic viewer for
DVI, PostScript and PDF files.  ImageMagick's `convert' tool can convert
any of those formats to PNG.

    $ convert <pdf/dvi/ps file> </some/dir/>bar.png

converts every page to a file bar-X.png in /some/dir/ where X is a
number starting with 0 (page 1).

I'm pretty sure that convert has an option to crop parts of the margins
of the pdf/ps/dvi files, so that you can make best use of the emacs
window's space.

What do you think?


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