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Fwd: Deleting Emacs support for obsolete platforms

From: Dan Nicolaescu
Subject: Fwd: Deleting Emacs support for obsolete platforms
Date: Sat, 01 Dec 2007 00:03:54 -0800
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Richard Stallman asked me to post this message here.

-- Forwarded message --

From: Richard Stallman <address@hidden>
Subject: Deleting Emacs support for obsolete platforms

In Emacs 23 we are thinking of deleting Emacs support for the systems
and computers listed below, because we think they are obsolete and
not useful.

If you know of a reason to keep support for any of those platforms,
please send an explanation to address@hidden  We will
try to keep the support for platforms that people actually want.

Mac OS all versions before MACOSX (only MAC_OS8 seems to have a special define)

Apollo SR10.x (unexapollo.c)
Convex (unexconvex.c and m/convex.c)
Xenix (unexenix.c and s/xenix.h)
Iris  (unexmips.c m/iris4d.h   m/irist.h    s/iris3-5.h  s/iris3-6.h)
Gould (m/gould*)
Siemens machines running Sinix (unexsni.c)
Harris CXUX (s/cxux*)
ESIX, a variant of v.5.3 for the 386. (s/esix*)
Interactive (ISC) Unix (s/isc*)
Sony News (s/newsos*)
RTU 3.0, ucb universe (s/rtu.h) -- defines NOMULTIPLEJOBS
UniSoft's UniPlus 5.2 (s/uniplus.h)
UMAX (s/umax.h)
AT&T UNIX PC model 7300 (m/7300.h)
Alliant (m/alliant*)
Amdahl (m/amdahl*)
Altos 3068 Unix System V Release 2 (m/altos.h)
Apollo (m/apollo.h)
AT&T 3b (m/att3b.h)
Aviion (m/aviion*)
Celerity (m/celerity.h)
clipper (m/clipper.h)
convergent S series (m/cnvrgnt.h)
cydra (m/cydra5.h)
Motorola System V/88 machines (m/delta88k.h) -- gcc dropped support
                              for 88k a while ago
Bull DPX/2 range (m/dpx2.h)
Dual machines using unisoft port (m/dual.h)
Elxsi machine (running enix) (m/elxsi.h)
Fujitsu F301 machine (m/f301.h)
i860 (m/i860.h) gcc dropped support a while ago
ibm ps/2 aix386 (m/ibmps2-aix.h)
ISI 68000's (m/is*)
Masscomp 5000 series running RTU, ucb universe (m/masscomp.h)
Megatest 68000's (m/mega68.h)
Whitechapel Computer Works MG1 (ns16000 based) (m/mg1.h)
Harris Night Hawk Series 1200 and Series 3000 (m/nh3000.h m/nh4000.h)
ns16000 (m/ns16000.h)
National Semiconductor 32000, running Genix (m/ns32000.h)
TI Nu machines using system V (m/nu.h)
HLH Orion (m/orion.h m/orion105.h)
Paragon i860 (m/paragon.h)
PFU A-series (m/pfa50.h)
Plexus running System V.2 (m/plexus.h)
pyramid. (m/pyramid.h)
sh3el (m/sh3el.h)
Bull SPS-7 (m/sps7.h)
Stride (m/stride.h)
Sun 1 (m/sun1.h)
Sun 2 (m/sun2.h)
SEQUENT SYMMETRY  m/symmetry.h
Tadpole 68k machines m/tad68k.h
tahoe m/tahoe.h
targon31 m/targon31.h
Tektronix* (m/tek4300.h m/tekxd88.h)
NCR Tower 32 running System V.2 (m/tower32.h)
NCR Tower 32 running System V.3 (m/tower32v3.h)
U-station (Nihon Unisys, SS5E; Sumitomo Denkoh, U-Station E30). (m/ustation.h)
Wicat (m/wicat.h)
Honeywell XPS100 running UNIX System V.2 (m/xps100.h)

Data General's DG/UX  (s/dgux*)
Irix before version 6
osf1 (s/osf*)
SunOS4 (s/sunos*)
RISCiX (s/riscix*)
SCO 3.2v4 (s/sco4.h)
SCO 3.2v5 (s/sco5.h)
Sun's 386-based RoadRunner (m/sun386.h)
Sun3 machines (m/sun3*)
 Integrated Solutions 386 machine (m/is386.h)

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