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EDB 1.29 available

From: Thien-Thi Nguyen
Subject: EDB 1.29 available
Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2008 14:19:48 +0100

release notes:

  no "db-add-record-after", but close...
  also, see file HACKING, last section.


README excerpt:

  This directory contains EDB, the Emacs Database.
  EDB was written by Michael Ernst <address@hidden>,
  and is being maintained by Thien-Thi Nguyen <address@hidden>.

NEWS excerpt:

  - 1.29 | 2008-01-17

    - License now GPLv3+ (see COPYING)

    - Bugfix: Single-field records no longer trigger warning on read

        Previously, a database with only a single field per record would
        trigger some warning messages and eventually query the user:
        "Bad file format; try reading anyway?".  Answering "yes" would
        successfully read in the data (anyway).

        Now, such databases are read normally (w/o incident).

    - Bugfix: Pre- and post- regexp-specified cruft no longer discarded

        Previously, if a database's pre-first-regexp was specified, the
        text matching that regexp (on read) was discarded (on write).
        Likewise for post-last-regexp.  This text is now saved and later
        used on write.

        With this bugfix, BUGS.edb is finally able to both read and
        write the BUGS file (bug #1 resolved).  Good-bye ostrich dayz!

    - Emacs no longer asks about some hooks as file local variable

        Specifying `db-before-read-hooks' and `db-after-read-hooks' in a
        format file's Local Variables block makes some versions of Emacs
        ask about whether or not the value is "safe".  EDB now arranges
        for Emacs to consider values that satisfy `edb-hookp' to be safe
        (thus avoiding this particular interruption).

    - Command edb-1int-to-single autoloaded

        This command -- see (info "(edb) edb-1int-to-single") --
        can now be invoked with M-x, once EDB is loaded.

    - Control files can specify a "schema basis"

        This is a variable that holds a plist of control properties,
        useful for sharing common properties among many databases.
        The values therein undergo elaboration just like normal
        control props prior to the normal control props.

        For example, in ~/.emacs:
        (defvar foo (list :fields [a b c]
                          :record-defaults 'foo-new-record-plist))

        In x.edb:
        :EDB (single foo)
        :name "x foo!"

        In y.edb:
        :EDB (single foo)
        :name "y foo!"

        In z.edb:
        :EDB (single foo)
        :name "z foo!"
        :record-defaults 'foo-z-new-record-plist ;; override

        See (info "(edb) Specifying control") for details.

    - Command extended: db-add-record can now append

        This command now accepts an optional arg APPEND.  If non-nil,
        add the new record after the last record in the database and
        display "Appended" instead of "Inserted".

tarball, examples, etc. in dir:

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