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PHP mode version 1.4.0

From: Aaron S. Hawley
Subject: PHP mode version 1.4.0
Date: Fri, 25 Jan 2008 14:09:52 -0500

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A new version of PHP mode for Emacs is released.  This new release
improves support for Emacs 22 and CC Mode 5.31.  At this time, there
are no plans to support Emacs 21 and earlier versions, nor
XEmacs. Patches against the source code and detailed bug reports
related to supporting other emacsen are gladly accepted, however.

Major modifications were made to the library to support the latest
major release of Emacs.  For that reason, some user customizations
made for previous versions of of PHP mode are not expected to work
properly without some effort.

NEWS for version 1.4.0

* Major changes for supporting Emacs 22 and CC Mode 5.31.
* New GNU Info (Texinfo) manual.
* Makefile and ChangeLog files added to package.
* Bug fixes
** Imenu fix by Bill Lovett for functions with visibility
   declarations (private, public, protected).
** Fontify instances of "class::member".
** Support highlighting call-by-reference for PHP 5 function
** Add constants __FUNCTION__, __CLASS__, __METHOD__, E_STRICT,
* Incorporate improvements by Lennart Borgman in a fork of php-mode
  distributed with nXhtml mode.
** Renamed php-mode-hook to php-mode-user-hook
** Fixes for indenting, comments, font lock in Emacs 22.

Download from:

PHP mode was originally written by Turadg Aleahmad.  Version 2 of the
PHP programming language first appeared in November of 1997 (called
"PHP/FI").  The first release of PHP 3 was in 1998.  The first release
of PHP mode as released by Aleahmad was on 17 May, 1999.  In May of
2000, PHP 4 was released and the PHP PEAR project had begun.  The
official 1.0 release of php-mode occurred on 21 October, 2001 with PHP
4 and PEAR support.  The 1.1.0 release of php-mode on 24 January, 2004
had initial support for PHP 5.  On 13 July, PHP 5 was officially
released.  The final release of php-mode by Aleahmad, version 1.2.0,
occurred on 2 August, 2005.  The code languished and was forked by a
few individuals.  On 16 January, 2008, Aaron S. Hawley became the
project's new maintainer.
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